Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stick Season

I had a long To Do list of all the ambitious projects I wanted to get done today. My reward for completing the list was treating myself to snowboarding tomorrow morning.  I started off bright and early, but unfortunately I only completed the first item.

It took me four hours (and almost an entire bottle of wood glue) to make this stick tree.  A task I thought would take about two.  It still needs a topper because it doesn't seem like I can finish anything lately. I need some focus. I had evergreen boughs and wreaths everywhere last year. I cannot seem to find the holiday spirit this year so I am going with sticks.

I made this wreath over the weekend by simply weaving freshly cut twigs around a wire ring. It took maybe a half hour. I added the red bow to bring some color up from the mantel and tie in with the lanterns.  

Blogging was not on my list and I still accomplished it, even if I used crappy iphone pics. That gives me bonus points and I can still snowboard tomorrow morning right? I am going anyway, just so you know.

Tomorrow's  To Do List

  • Snowboard
  • Cut posts for headboard
  • Sand and shape door handle
  • Sand and degloss bathroom shelf
  • Assemble lamp shade
  • Hang indoor and outdoor lights
  • Get a christmas tree
  • Finish living room side table
  • Fix the hole Casey hacked into our t & g wall
Yeah I might get two of those items done

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