Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello Again

Suddenly it is  spring. Sorry I disappeared for awhile. A lot of exciting things have happened. First I gave up my business and took a full time job. So yeah that keeps me busy. I have no intention of giving up the blog, just trying to get a routine back.

We got married. It was beautiful and simple and everything I ever wanted. The two of us and a minister  (of the internet variety) on the top of a mountain.  We failed to center ourselves on Camel's Hump. Casey is blocking it.

The third big news. My new job has allowed us to purchase the 15 acres that surrounds us on three sides. We closed two weeks ago and I have been scoping out places to hang some swings.  Needless to say I am not doing much around the homestead.

Due to my lack of productivity I figured I would document the little bunk house our friend (also the minister who married us) is building on our new land.

This is his progress after one weekend. I have no idea what his plans are for this thing. He said they were all in his head. Then I asked a question about how he was going to build the roof and he said he hadn't watched the youtube videos for that part yet. I am interested to see how this little house will turn out.