Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bed Knobs and Broomsticks

Architecture can be so serious. Sometimes we forget that there needs to be a bit of whimsy, a bit of adventure and imagination or at least the suggestion of possibility in our spaces.

For the new bathroom in the basement I decided to add a little bit of architecture to the ceiling, inspired by coffered ceilings. I used a bunch of salvaged doors from our local Resource Store for a few bucks a piece and painted them the same dark blue as the actual doors in the basement. I then screwed and glued them to the joists. Caulked the seams and screw heads (inset heads) and touched them up with the blue paints. I didn't fill or sand the the doors completely so they kept some of their salvaged charm. All the doors are facing the same direction, but staggered to keep the most interesting details in the space. I ended up with only one full door in the room, in which I reinstalled the old door handle.

Most people don't notice my secret passage. I like to think it is only exists for those who truly believe.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Triple Dipped Stool Legs

I never got chevrons. I was obsessed with gray back in 2005, way before it was chic. I can do without gold. One trend I cannot stop myself from jumping on is dipped furniture. It is everywhere and I love it. I want to dip the world. Trendiness aside, it is a great way to add color to your home and I need color. Bad.

I picked up this stool at a yard sale a few years ago and it travels around my house to where ever it is needed to reach the top shelf, hold a drink or provide a dog petting perch.  I love it's well worn seat and and rustic chiseled edges. I thought about painting the entire thing, but that would take away all it's charm.

 I was torn between adding color and adding some sophisticated white. I decided to go with a triple dip and do it all.

I used paint I already had on hand from the basement project.  Benjamin Moore Ceiling white,  Citron  and Pablo Blue by BM. I went with the true dip line. It keeps with the playfulness of the three legged stool.  Those perfectly taped edges are so serious.

This photo makes we want to do something with those couch legs too. Oh and clean under there. Yeah, Oops.

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