Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking Stock

Fall and Winter have been incredibly busy this year and truthfully I have been kind of a hermit lately and haven't really felt like sharing my cozy little bubble with the world.

So here is a little snapshot of my life right now. Inspired my this.
Making : projects happen (new job as a project manager)
Cooking : lots of meat from my CSA Drinking : hot chocolate with a shot of Dr. ( mcgillicuddy's, not pepper)
Reading: old homesteading magazines 
Playing: in the snow (more like ice)
Wasting: time (hehe)
Wishing: for a big snowstorm
Enjoying: evenings in front of the fire and moonlight snowshoeing
Waiting: for January to end so I can switch yoga studios without looking like a resolutioner and the olympics to start. I love the olympics.
Liking: feeling confident in my abilities 
Wondering: if I made the right career choice 
Loving: my short hair 
Hoping: this good stuff keeps up
Missing: my sisters
Needing: a new office chair
Smelling: cinnamon
Wearing: patterned button downs
Following: tracks through the snow
Noticing: days getting longer
Knowing: things will work out alright 
Designing: bathrooms - always bathrooms (architecture is not as glamour as it seems)
Opening: packages of tea
Giggling: at those doggies
Feeling: content
Wanting: to pay off debt
Looking: for pantry and wardrobe cabinets
Thinking: that I did make the right career choice
Feeling: forgetful
Bookmarking: drink recipes
I personally love these little lists, almost as much as I love the day in a life posts, unfortunately, or fortunately my day is a bit too routine for one of those. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Usefulness of Lazy Dogs

These two coonhounds burst through their invisble fence after some unseen creature the other evening. While they were on their moonlight hunt, something made off with five of my eight chickens. I couldn't find a feather or animal print out of place. It appears like the ladies just up and left.

If ever you think dogs aren't doing anything, they are indeed quite busy. If you ever curse their midnight howls and doubt the predators they are alerting to.  Well,  perhaps there really is something out there. Won't it be something to hear and see and smell all the things a coon hound does. 

The homestead seems lonely without our gaggle of girls scratching about. Casey has already mentioned getting more.