Monday, December 10, 2012

How's the Water?

A commom question in our house is "How's the Water?". As I explained in the last post. We rely on our wood stove to heat our house and the solar hot water panels to heat our water. If we don't get enough solar hot water we turn on the boiler to bring it up to temperature. However we don't like to do this, so we frequently take less than hot and sometimes very cold showers. Our rating system goes something like this:

180- Glorious- Solar heated (it just feels better when it comes from the sun)  way too hot to touch your body- you actually have to turn it down.
140-120ish -Nice- normal shower temp
120-100- alright- not Lou Reed's alright which really mean excellent, but the alright as in acceptable
100-85- tolerable- you can get your business done but it isn't pleasant and don't even think about shaving your legs, and you most likely won't condition your hair, shampoo is good enough.
below 85- you might cry. I do sometimes.

It does not help that our master bathroom is only about 60 degrees. Since the bathroom downstairs is finally finished we have been showering down there, where it is a balmy 70-75.

By finished I mean that it still needs towel bars and hooks,  shelf, TP holder, art, different vanity knobs, more interesting rubbish can, dual flush conversion knob and an appropriate shower curtain (current one is way too short). It does have a mirror and bathmat- impressive right? (only cause we had guests coming).

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