Monday, August 6, 2012

Month One of Self Employment

One month ago today I quit my dead end, depressing, not at all architecture related job and decided to explore the possibility of working for myself. So far I have spent most of it on our own basement build out project. Which is indeed work for myself, however not the kind that pays the bills.

Basement Bathroom Sneak Peak

With the project very close to completion, it is time to figure out how to make some money.  I have not felt that financial worry rock in the pit of my stomach yet, but the savings are dwindling fast and I need to start looking for design work and start to make some product before they are gone.

The last stint of unemployment, I spent most of the time moping around our newly purchased house worrying about bills and retirement. This time I feel so excited about the future, with the nervousness only creeping around the outskirts. The difference is this time is voluntary. After one year of unemployment and two years working a job I was embarrassed to tell my college friends about, I am finally free from the fear of failure that has dictated the decisions of most of my life. I realized that I did indeed fail.  Guess what? I am just fine, happy even. And If I fail at this too?  Well, I will still be just fine.  Broke, but just fine.

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