Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh Tannenbaum

Our tree was glorious this year.  Taking down the decorations, especially the tree, makes me a little sad.  The holidays always go by so quickly I never feel like I get to enjoy them. 

This pic was taken the Sunday after Thanksgiving as we were setting it up. I am actually keeping it from falling down, which it did twice. We had to cut about four feet off or the tree would have been in the center of our living room. I used the cut offs to make a huge wreath for above the wood stove insert and some garland type things for above the entry door and stairs. The garland is tied with some burlap cut into strips. I think it makes a great rustic ribbon.

 The lanterns where $1.00 yard sale finds that are too rusted to be functional.  I stuffed battery powered light strings in the globes.
The little trees are tomato cages wrapped in tin foil and burlap. 
Sadly this is the best picture I have of the tree decorated. The lights above the windows and doors are all solar powered with the panels hidden behind the snow and animals. The stuffed animals on the window ledges are all from my childhood.  Christmas is the perfect time to put them on display as a child-free adult and not have guests think you are crazy.

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