Monday, February 18, 2013

Scenes from around the Homestead

It is 6°F  with a wind chill of -20°F. Too cold for these southern blooded coon hounds. 

It is a beautiful day despite the cold temp and chilly wind gusts. It is light until after 5:00 PM now which gets me itching for spring.  I don’t know whether this is cold brewed or sun tea, but it is sure to be refreshing.

My tea recipe: four tea bags (I prefer loose leaf but I never seem to have any) and half an orange or lemon sliced in a mason jar. Brew time 4-6 hours.

We are toasty warm inside the house with the sun streaming in and the wood stove burning. Our little wood pile looks to quaint resting under the window. 

I do not think I ever talked about our wood stove before. It is a Defiant by Vermont Castings and it is a work horse. It runs 24 hrs a day from November to April and  heats our 2500 cathedral ceiling log home to a very comfortable temperature. It is located on the basement level underneath the main gable of the house. The basement is usually in the mid 70's and the upstairs mid to high 60's. The bedroom gable  is perpendicular to the main gable with a bedroom suite on each side. The master suite is usually a little colder since it is over the unheated garage and not well insulated between the two. 

Not much is going on around here. Just the usual late winter activities of garden planning and thinking about baby chicks. Oh and we got a tractor. 

It was rather underwelming. I take it back. I would have rather gotten a ring. 

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