Monday, January 14, 2013

Horse Finds a Home

I received this hand forged horsey hook as a Christmas gift from my older sister two years ago.  It has sat in the corner of my drafting desk since. Not because I didn't like, but because I liked it too much. It is one of those things that I deemed special and unique and irreplaceable. I didn't want to waste it on just anywhere. My house is almost entirely t & g  pine. When I hang something it is most likely permanent because I cannot patch the hole and repaint like those lucky drywall people.

I finally found a place important enough for my special hook.  It services a worthwhile purpose and is seen multiple times a day. It holds the dish towel and one day possibly a fruit basket, next to the window above the kitchen sink. Most importantly the towel does not hide the horse's swirly tail.

My dogs are extreme counter surfers. Anything left unsecured is fair game; bread, dish towels, electronics, mail, pans.  I am not talking about stuff close to the edge, the whole counter is vulnerable and they even fish things out of the sink. Luckily they have not figured out how to open the cabinets yet.  Dish towels are a favorite and something that is frequently left out. After tiring of purchasing new towels every other week, being caught by guests with a mangled one or GASP! using paper towels, I decided the special hook would be the perfect solution. I use the dish towel mainly to dry hands, not for actual dishes because that is why I have air (and for breathing, that's important too).

I moved all the sink stuff out of this shot originally, but my sink looked naked so I moved it all back. This is how my sink actually looks at any given moment, but the dishes are usually on the other side. As in they are usually dirty. I think my Sis also gave me that duck vege scrubber and the star shaped sponge holder (or I may have stolen it from her back in the days when we shared a room). My sister is kind of awesome and apparently enjoys gifting animal shaped objects.

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