Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Endless Summer

I just finshed taking my third to last ARE and it feels like someone beat my brain with a stick. I am also drinking a beer at 3:00 PM on a Thursday.

Harpoon Summer Beer has been my choice alcoholic beverage this summer. This is most likely the last one I will have since the fall beers are in the stores already and this it the last one in my fridge. I only mention it because its so good once it hints your lips it ties in with this post. Fall is by far my favorite season, but I am always sad to see summer go.

Fall is just starting sneak into Vermont with the red leaves and 40 Degree mornings. I am not at the point where I am changing out decor based on the season (not counting christmas, We were decorated for christmas the second we moved in December 15th almost three years ago) but I do try to switch up the mantel.

The round zucchini help to hold onto the freshness of summer, while transitioning into the fall squash season. The poster  adds a little nostalgia for hot Julys and carefree youth. The sunflowers are kind of the traditional end of summer symbol. Wow that was a lot of over analyzation for a mantel with a frame-less off-centered poster.

Here's a dog, because he is cute and makes my brain not hurt so much.


The tomatoes are purely functional. We have blight, so they need to come off the vines a little early and this spot gets the best sun and is out of the reach of mischievous paws.

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